I had a dream last night that I was watching the two-part Adventure Time series finale. Gotta post it really quickly, before I forget.

The Lich was back and rather than helping defeat him, Finn and Jake agreed to help him destroy the universe — but not REALLY, just convince the Lich that the universe is destroyed and cast him magically into some void so that he’ll go back into hibernation mode (I think the Lich was rendered incapable of physically killing someone himself).

That was the first half. In the second half Finn travels to Ooo centuries in the future to fight alongside a resistance force against the Lich and his new army of minor liches and ghouls. Some of the people he fights alongside look familiar — it turns out they’re Jake’s descendants.

Also there were sixteen different pasta salads that everyone was eating — four kinds of pasta and four kinds of sauce in all combination. I can’t remember why but apparently it was very important.





finn is suicidally hardcore

peebles is suicidally pragmatic

marceline is suicidally reckless

jake is suicidally imaginative

bmo is suicidally human

are there any other accidentally suicidal characters we should know about?

ice king is suicidally suicidal


Rattleballs is suicidally honorable

Simon Petrikov was at least briefly suicidally hopeless

LSP is suicidally fabulous






So the latest, most recent Pride comic released has been The Pride Adventures #2. It contains four whole stories for your reading pleasure including work from myself, PJ Montgomery, jdmakescomics, Dani Abram, denismedri, and Chris Wildgoose! It’s one of our most gorgeous issues yet!

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To steal from the Facebook page:

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The only way onscreen Bubbline could happen is if the other characters react negatively to it. 100% of all countries in the world don’t make ‘hate towards homosexuality’ illegal. I have seen anime that has done that. The gay characters were portrayed as horny people who force their lust to their straight crushes who already refuse their affections. If you want gay character to appear onscreen in some country, they must be portrayed as a social deviance who people should feel disgusted of.

I don’t think that’d be even legal either. Imo, one of the biggest problems bigots have with LGBT people, is that they think their lives revolve just on sex due to bad stereotypes.

This is our world now. It’s our call, what we get to see on the screen. Kids shows that show different orientations as equally valid will happen.

I’m not even really a Bubbline shipper but I really want to see it happen. I want this wall broken down. I think Adventure Time is the perfect platform for it.